POWERPAC with its team of experienced project managers, are capable of undertaking projects for EPC of up to 230 KV system voltage. A number of knowledgeable local and foreign trained engineers are employed in the company for the engineering responsibility, procurement, ISO format with strict quality control on vendor and products selection with specification and delivery of products as per customers requirements.

Windings Insulation System

Winding forms the electrical circuit of a transformer. For core-type transformers, the windings are cylindrical and are arranged concentrically. The insulated winding are placed on the core. The windings are rigid supported on the core by insulation system. The insulation level refers to that of the respective winding. Transformer winding are made of highly purified electrolytic copper with enameled wire and paper insulated slat strip. The winding must be electrically and mechanically strong to withstand both over voltage under incidence of surges and mechanical stresses during short circuit condition. Major portion of stray losses takes place in the windings. The insulated materials used in the transformers are imported, paper and board from German, transformer oil from UK / USA. It maintains a high insulation level for x-former.

Tap changer

The voltage control of transmission & distribution systems is obtained basically by tap changing. Tap changers are either on load or off load tap changers. By changing the turns ratio of transformer the voltage ratio and the secondary voltage is changed & voltage control is obtained. The voltage control of the range ± 16% can be achieved by tap changing transformers. The tap changer is mounted on the transformer tank . It is imported from Europe or best manufacturer.